Tuesday, April 03, 2007

300: Bomb Iran!

Just saw 300 of the biggest cockheads in the universe, and not in a "oh fuck that feels good in my man-vagina" way. More like an out-right raping and pillaging of the time period, progressivism, and cross-cultural understanding that is trying to write itself off to "it's just fun and (video)games". Movie hopped it though, so I don't feel so bad about it.

Wait for the special platinum release never-before-seen Hong Kong hand-held cam edition. Actually, don't even wait for that.

You can milk the glassy eyed brainstems of the caffeine fingered Unreal Tournament k1d5 in all of us without creating the (MANYBADTHINGS)ist celluloid spawn of a DC neocon thinktank. You can be hyper-entertaining and dumb without being completely fucked up. Come on, Frank.

Twilite's futurist prediction nugget #349399

In the future, all history will be bad-cheesy comic book distillations written not by "Teh Winners" but by whoever post-renders their pecs, abs, and balls the sexiest.


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