Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Winner Don't Use Drug!

Ok finally done taking pictures of shit and jumping and flipping around like a marlin and trying to look terrified and focused. On to Photoshopic surgery.


Flipping in the restroom

My friend Nick plays the fighter spaceship pilot.

dirt is good for you

"'Gaia' (tm) uses only natural, sterilized dirt of the highest quality, clinically proven to boost the immune system and counteract depression. With our patented, perfectly engineered blend of ginseng, natural anti-oxidants, and pure, refined soil from the slopes of the Swiss Alps, you'll be feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and 'earthy' again.

Gaia: bring out the natural you"

Started Stross' Glass House today. Still has that "14-year-old-boy-ventriloquisting-his-Evangelion-figures" character thing that I don't enjoy so much. It's like, he takes off into some of the furthest and most brightly conceptualized possible future realities, but he fails to make those (admittedly bizarre by our 21st century pre-post-human barometers) worlds feel at all not even necessarily realistic, but compelling or convincing. Maybe that's just some residual hard sf character trait of his. A big part of it is he has a tendency to just take a year of ultra-geeky IRC log's full of ideas and smash them in without really exploring the deeper emergence-ies of any particular one, not letting "the pot come to a boil" I suppose/digress.

A homeland security degree will turn you into Neo.


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