Friday, October 24, 2008

Trouble Shooter

Interview with little hole-in-the-mall computer doctor joint. They're spattered liberally all along the western sector of the Waikiki strip in Honolulu, next to infinite Subways and grass-shack souvenir stores, so tourists can have that bleached sand in their iPhone taken care of on their way back from Blue Crush and Lostland. That and to service the pixel-pushing magistrata in the financial/real-estate districts. I may need to brush up on my Pyojuneo, seeing a 25% drop in tourism to Hawaii in the month of August compared to last year, with South Korea the fastest growing consumer of aloha. Tourists coming from the continental US was already down since early this year with that gas bullshit, and since, it has gone the way of Aloha Airlines (nosedive).

In other news, still working on creating a vintage 3d version of New York, and then filling it with virtual zombies for another video. Like Tron, but spookier!


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