Monday, June 22, 2009

Short-Selling Economy Class

Feeling very pleased with myself, having thumbed my nose at the "green shoots" forecasted by the media-financial complex, which continues blithely watering the meltdown's fields of economic ash with the same bullshit "we're in the green" koolaid. "But, but... it has electrolytes!" How you like dem yellow weeds, asswipes?

I was holding out on purchasing my roundtrip Honolulu-to-Seattle ticket from about a month ago, taking the against-the-consensus advice of Nouriel "Dr. Doom" Roubini that this was another bear market rally which would end sometime this summer as fundamentals are still a mess. You could say I was, "short the economy/coach aisle seat market." I was getting nervous watching oil tick up to 73 a barrel last week, with flights edging up to 420+ dollars, the WGB meat getting to weeks away when rates start hiking, but I held out. So when I woke up yesterday morning to read "Stocks, commodities fall, oil plunges" then found William Chatner's lucky ninja stars flying around my email flashing, "Flights to Seattle just dropped 10 percent!", in some small, Hoekstran way, I must've felt a bit like Dr. Doom, utterly vindicated in his predictions of the crisis after being laughed off stage at Davos the previous year. Like Nassim Taleb, scoring 100% plus returns for his hedge fund after shorting the 2008 market. I had listened to the right people, made an educated guess, and been rewarded with 80 dollars. Flexed my economus maximus. I think I'll actually sleep well on this flight.


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