Monday, November 17, 2008

Climate Defender

Been tinkering and debugging my Scratch demo game that I brought to the digital media teacher job interview. Adding enemies and weapons here and there, tweaking the skill curve. I just e-mailed the new version in. The Scratch site is like an open-source Youtube for games. You get your Scratch Creator profile setup, and you can start sharing your games right from the Scratch development environment. Once up, others can play, comment, rate, etc.. and even remix your game by downloading the source.

Climate Defender

"The classic arcade space-shooter with a green twist. As carbon emissions in the atmosphere cause the planet to heat up and the climate crisis grows more imminent, it's up to the Climate Defense Force to prevent global catastrophe.

Scrub carbon from the atmosphere to reduce CO2 levels and earn money. Once you get enough money you can invest in renewable energy such as solar, wind, or wave power, which will continuously reduce carbon emissions for you.

Get the CO2 level down to a safe 350 to save the world. But if CO2 goes over 550, I hope you know how to swim!"


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