Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Don't bother me
I'm busy.

I'm adding value
To valuelessness
Economic hallucinations.
Business model?
- Be busy modeling nonsense.

Info wants to be free
But my book wants to be $28.
Buy a coffee mug & tshirt kthx
The rent doesn't grow on
Social network trees.

Been saving all week to
Print up some ramen,
Side of mashup mash potatoes.
Amateur art attack? We've got
Open source open-heart surgery.

And should your
Intellectual Property worth vanish
Like a Detroit auto-plant
And you're starving like
A Chinese baby formula worker
You can always
Eat your words.
And wipe your ass
with your manifestos.


Blogger HollyElise said...

1. love the poem.

2. I've just given you an award through my blog! Come see :)

2:29 PM  

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