Monday, April 09, 2007

Grindhouse: A Heart Warming, Slice Of Life, Cumming Of The Post Age Story For The Whole Family

Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez: Grindhouse: The Dawn Of The Brains Made Of Pure Imitation Splattered 70's Celluloid-to-VHS That Taste Like Thanksgiving Terror in a Blender Set to Pulp: Attack of the Bad Hombres: Bad-Good Done Good-Good: A Post Post-Production Production: That Chick From Bewitched is - Arching Gogo Girl, Hidden Obsolescence Parable: And Kurt Russel as: Kurt Russel - Getting French Connection-Style High-Octane Ass-Raped by 'The Sistah' And Screams Like A Little Bitch.

Fuck Yeah! My only irks were I think Rodriguez could've taken his a bit a little further in "Planet Terror" and Tarantino could've used half the Reservoir-Dog-Intro, "First Person" pans and a little less pot while working on the first half of "Death Proof". But Fuck Yeah!


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