Monday, March 22, 2010

The Sharpenator - Pencil Sharpening Robot

The Sharpenator - Pencil Sharpening bot

The Sharpenator Pencil Sharpening Bot Are you a colored pencil manga artist but hate having to sharpen all those pencils?

The Sharpenators got your back! I wanted to make an automated pencil sharpener but had only 3 motors and an incomplete NXT 1.0 kit, so I wanted to do more, but I was happy with what I could manage. The Sharpenator consists of a manual pencil sharpener attached to a motor combined with a Ferris wheel rotating arm to feed the pencil into the sharpener with enough force to grate the wood. The arm continuously adjusts its grip as the pencil sinks into the sharpener. Sharpened pencils are then conveniently deposited into your pencil cup!

I wanted to add a conveyor-loader so you could just load up a bunch of pencils, have a drink for 5 minutes and come back with all your pencils sharpened, but I think itd need another motor (and Im out of parts). The hardest part was getting the arm and sharpener to line up perfectly, and stay aligned throughout the sharpening.. Thanks for looking!


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