Friday, April 13, 2007

Secret Poetic Machination

I went ahead and cleaned up a bunch of stuff, re-recorded some bits in my song:

Secret Constellation - the imaginary music video

Saw Children of Men tonight, definitely recommended. Outstanding cinematography, choreography, and visual style out of the bleakest imagined futures of the Reagan era to warm the German-designed, Chinese manufactured heart of an expatriate bartender. Really reminded me of 70's semi-avant post-apocalyptic cautionary sci-fi.

I wanted to do something for my friend Lori's cellular poetry slam, here's what I came up with:

Apple: Find Your Inner Neo.
Apple: 'Cause Microsoft sucks, bigtime.
OSX: It's almost like UNIX
Apple: where 'Pod people go.
Apple: It never goes pear-shaped.
Apple: They're not beige.
Apple: Slightly less evil.
Apple: Because Google doesn't make laptops......yet
Apple: I would love to help but everything I say is laced with sarcasm- People always take it as insults-
Apple: it sucks less.
Apple: because conspicuous consumption is the only way you've found to impress your peers.
Apple: because you think you're a musician
Apple: Think different...until you start using the same hardware as everyone else


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