Monday, November 05, 2007

Movie Pirate Like Pro

My generous friend and auter-in-crime, Roberto, has given me the greatly honoring placement of besmirching his $3g Sony HDR FX1 hi-def cam with my motes of flecked Chernobyl-green paint, teh flavor of rock-salted ocean-in-my-sink, and the spicy leather aroma of megaponderous trenchcoat. To repay this great favoring -- that makes my dusty, Half-Life 1 resolution mini DV with dysfunctioning monitor appear as worthy of being no more than a Stalker set-piece -- I shall give bountiful assistance in both histrionics and Gaeta-esque magicianry to his noir detective themed punk music video gig, within a future weekend. I am glad to award it three and one half red stars out of four. The camera, that is.

And today, put on my pirate bandanna and raided the Savers near me for antique hats, fructose corn syrup-free blood, assorted gothery, wigs, seamen chic, midwakh pipes, and other cinema potential-laden thrift.

All that booty - $42.99

Sony HDR FX1 - shanghaied

Four inch periwinkle-calico shag minotaur suit with false knee and resin-cast digitigrade hooves - few days sweetening up cosplay geek seamstress friend girl with my timber-shivering rum.

Being completely Awesome - $14.99 (pre-order now and SAVE %30!)

Throw in a 20% digital media income tax credit courtesy of the Hawaii Film Office, sets you back about $50. Both Mastercards tied behind my back. Arrr.

Eat it, Kevin Smith!


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