Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ghost Star

About done with that new track, sorry no singing (yet). Beware this one, in the wrong hands, it could destroy the world as we know it. Ghost Star

Working through ideas for my piece for digital ensemble class. I'm thinking I'll do MAX/MSP A/Vjing and conduct the other musicians: electric violin & cello, stand-up bass, Joe (jazz drummer from Junk Magic) on the MIDI drums, someone else on keyboards and electric guitar. Three-part narrative cycle incorporating Angelfish, Ghost Star, and one other I still have to write. Looking for my lost "perusal" Finale installer to write out the score for the orchestral parts. Going to see if I can get Keoni to help me with some underwater shots. Drawing much from Cunningham's "Flex" and the latter Cremaster installments. I'm going to need to run some of the visuals through AE for sure but I'd like to keep the video (and the audio) as fluid and dialogey as possible without losing completely the themes. Enable as many possible feedback loops and networks as possible, so the players can draw from not only the laptop and eachother, but also from the video, and the video from the players. I'm also working on a MAX patch that will allow the lighting and video speed/position/etc. to be affected by the emotional and technical content of the incoming audio.


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