Saturday, August 18, 2007

flash shit kick

My bathroom here is going through serious and unnecessary re-Gooding right now. The Filipino real estate SCVs are daily sledge hammering out the particle walls and tiling like the moneyshot end-fight scene of something starring Keanu Bale. Apparently Maury, the seventy-year-old maintenance man/plumber, found conniving Mujahideen rodent holes leading to secret interzonal catacombs where they brood patiently, waiting to terrorize us with sharp nasty pointy rabies teeth. We of course vis they're invisibly pink, but it is unfortunately beyond the space of our gracious, megarich, and lawsuit-phobic hosts, the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts. This Toa sized Tongan keeps waking me up with his fee-fi-fo-fum as he shuttles Corolla engine-like bundles of shattered Opaline ceramic and floorboard not very old. Gonna smoke'em out with asbestos. Jya, not our loss; Catholic money per Manila.

In other blog, I have finally grokked the jab-medium-fierce of Dreamweaver MX, and now onto more Macromedia, harnessing which I hope to spin some hyper-kinetic Cornell Flash. Or at least kick out some cool shit with my website.

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