Friday, April 27, 2007

America: a slogan

Freedom is a fuckin' slogan.

Did I say freedom was a slogan?

I meant America is a slogan.

Painting horses on cars. Ride off into the Suntmset. Typographically accurate quill dialects on photo-realistic bump-mapped sepia parchment. Declaration of These Signifiers of Assorted Associated Imagined Temporary Autonomous Zones: Constant Constitutional Variable-State Functions. Semiotics calibrated with genetic algorithms to divide and conquer K-ary Trees of Life for optimum neuron beat to dance-dance for maximum limbic frequency response via minimum resource allocation. Excellular automatic machination of humanation, climbing phylogenetic tertiary-consumerism spreadsheets, the watchmaker chasing blindly American dreams of American sheep, slowly grows eyes. Data-mine self-evidence, truths, Djikstra's identity crisis and condense, conflagrate, nuggetize Dirty Harry Bombs.

Shoot Fifty-Cent and win a free lap-top.

Challenge everything.

I'm lovin' it.

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