Monday, November 05, 2007

Irashyaimase, Chris san!

Today I had phone sex my oral exam my over-the-phone test with my Japanese professor. She has such a charming, hot little Kansai voice and demeanor, I can't help toggling between feeling like I'm in an incensed Kyoto antique store, and then in some tentacle hentai with the innocent one animated with perpetual "carrot eyes". She makes you feel in an instant like she is completely into your trip, even when she's not pretending. It's hard to parse that she speaks perfect English as well (Japanese is her SL). And then add to the cake that she's a part-time writer. It was the most enjoyable and stress-less test I think I've ever had, even though I was freaking out before, as I'd accidentally-on-purpose forgot to study. For this one, I had to make like I was inviting her to my party; date, time, directions, etc.. I couldn't quite tell when the oral was done, as she kept on chatting beyond the scope of the test about what sort of things she should bring to the party, if she could get a ride, what she should wear. I think I almost wanted to tell her she should bring Cool Whip and wear that JAL flight attendant outfit. ^.^;

So she's forty-something... Those post-graduate years get lost in translation.

こぶけせんせい, こんばんわ。


がっこうで、まっすぐ行って、ふたつ目のしんごうをみぎにまがります。 このみちをまっすぐ行って、ふたつめのこうさてんをひだりにまがると、みぎがわに私の家があります。 つきあたりの てまいです。 

ばんごはんのために、わたしはたべものをかっておきます。 でも、ビールをまだ買っていない。 私はX-Boxがひとつだけありますけど、ロじゃさんはX-Boxをもってくることができるとおもいます。 私のともだちとクラスメートをしょうたいします。 にじゅうひとぐらいくるはずです。 



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