Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wombs for rent

Outsourcing develops in new territory.

Here at Vikas Sagar Farms, we have belief in quality babies and Warcraft monies and equipments. That is why we only use the most efficient WoW miners, grow fetus in the top quality wombs of India's most radiant, malaria resistant, and nubile of women, and use time-honored and cost-effective baby harvest procedure. For just the price of a cup of coffee per day, we will take your sperm and your Warcraft character and reach it its fullest potential of quality people for a personalized product that is right for you. We also have quality insurance plans available. In the case that your cow dies of starvation or disease or shanty is wash away in monsoon or is demolished by Mumbai police, we will have trans-uteral surgery performed by our experience tattoo artist, Vilayanur Ramachandran, to move your fetus to another womb. We offer reduced prices for larger batches of kits, as we are trying to raise the 1500 rupees ($38.00 USD) to replace our office's sari cloth wall with poured concrete, replace the asbestos-sheeting roof, and pay for fertility drugs for our wombs. Also, this month only try our special opportunity "Brahma Creator Bonus" deal: donate two of your offsprings to our Warcraft miners team and get one baby free! You also will receive a dividend of all Warcraft monies your Brahma Kids mine for the rest of their live: you plant the seeds of a lifelong investment in prosperity!

Vikas Sagar Farms: choose us for zy-gold!

*We offer our most heartfelt condolences to you for any inconsistency of the onlineness of our website. We are currently pirating electricity from Sanjay Ghandi Nagar's power grid, which was itself pirated from Tata Electric, and so we have frequent outage and only enough power to run the 100w light bulb, the iPhone (stolen from tourist), or the laser scalpel at one time. We were given a wind-up lap computer by the graceful Nicholas Negroponte, however, we are only receiving wifi from a visiting Manhattan journalist, and the device has since become bad karma of spyware during the heated escapades of one of the WoW children into the electronic Kama Sutra.


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