Monday, February 18, 2008

Hardest Guitar Hero Song Ever!!!!

Holy shit, I just found the hardest song ever. period. Period

This song will make Dragonforce look like your sister's Kero Keroppi and have you drop kicking your head buckets- robots, chickens and all. Hell, I made the damn guitar and I *almost* can't play it. ;)

The Junk Magic band site .

It's said that just one glance at the tsunami of notes can cause even a brave LVL 70 Tauren Chieftan the pain of a lifetime in the span of a thousand ringtones (and then drop dead in seven days). But if you're mad enough to try this song, you can download it and play it with Frets On Fire.

Special thanks to the Frets on Fire community, the meanest keyboard punchers this side of the Halo 3 servers. Rock out with your source out!

(Yes, it is a Junk Magic song, I did the video. ;) )


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