Sunday, May 18, 2008

MyFuture 2.0 - Strategic Life Optimization

Been jack moving around the monster, classified lattices of cyber-job-space the past few days. Several titillating, feel-good opportunities have reared their business-speak headings. One I'm keeping a prefrontal hemisphere on is for a "neuro-technician", I figure it's only a few cortical columns away from neuro-mancer. Balance-Life-Fitness (LLC) utilizes Brain State Conditioning (TM), a form of neurofeedback which uses cutting edge computer technology and osftware to assist the brain in learning how to create "brainwave patterns which are in balance and harmony". Apparently they've been getting a lot of clientèle seeking post-traumatic disorder help. Figure it'd be like a perfect extended class field trip/summer camp for me if I'm going into cognitive science for grad school.

Another is SEO (search engine optimization) and other Web 2.0 marketing (copywriting/bloging/link building). I just got off the phone with the big kahuna, on the Big Island (I'm on the Overpopulated Island), and he offered me some other work doing flash programming for the site as well. Seems like something reasonably overlapping the territory of my personal interest/skill set venn diagram. I figure I can also score up Guitar Hero / Rock Band Youtube videos and downloadable GH levels of client company jingles if they really want to make the big, Epic bucks.

Macromedia Flash tutorials ho!


Blogger HollyElise said...

you make-a more money, you feel better!

8:45 AM  
Blogger TwiliteMinotaur said...

Hehe! Yup!

2:39 AM  

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