Friday, May 23, 2008

Pearl Harbor Nuked

Redeployed, after multiple hostage negotiations with my mom over my car, to Pearl Harbor, to bomb around, shoot, and search for weapons of mass destruction. Kilauea volcano on the Big Island coughed up L.A. grade, Google News-worthy vog leaving the normally crystal clear Hawaii sky looking like nuclear winter today. It had people fleeing to theatres or other environment-regulated rooms and -- those with health care -- to doctor's offices, complaining of itchy eyes, scratchy throats, flaring asthma, and other symptoms. My aunt, huddled around the TV, eagerly awaiting the next news update on the "situation" thought my Pearl Harbor mission was suicidal. But it takes more than some fog of war to blur my vision.

The USS Bowfin, Maru chaser.

The Photoshop auto-levels actually cleared up much of the vog here.

Unidentified battleship, just beyond the memorial.

Arizona memorial.


This was in the memorial fountain. A Charybdis the color of spilled oil.

They've got'em. Let's smoke'em out.


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